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Pink Floral Drop Necklace

Part Number pinknecklace-idea
Pink Floral Drop Necklace
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This project is a beautiful necklace designed up using our connector beads and 2 lots of castings.Connector beads Part # 1783 in pink and Part # 1781 in Clear ABPendant Part # 1937Link Castings Part # 1969Additional items needed for completing this project:Split rings in bright silver finish and a magnetic clasp, such as part number 1213 or 1552, and a couple pair of needle nose pliers to attach it all together and some wire.These castings were combined together in a very creative way to show that a little creativity, castings can be easy to work with and will create gorgeous results with little effort (but we don't have to tell others that)!The castings used in this project were in bright silver, we have simular castings in various metal colors for the pendant and connectors.Let's get started. We first would take the pendant and attach the first connector. (see other images for an up close)it will require two jump rings, to even out the hole alignment. This is an example of how to change the hole direction when the hole isn't going in the right direction for what your thinking of. We then took the jump ring and attached the connector, be sure that the connector and pendant were facing the appropriate direction...for beginners this might take a couple tries, but you will get the hang of this! Next, attach the connector on the other end by using, again, a jump ring combination, see above. We decided not to use the holes in the castings, instead, we put our jump rings right through the openings in the casting, this allowed for the castings to lay better in our opinion, but either way could have been used. This is an example of taking one hole bead and attaching it to a two hole bead, as our necklace is actually a single strand project and not double strand as one might have done typically done with our castings.We then did the same thing on the other side of the link, using jump rings we combined the two holes into one for attachment of the connector bead. From there we used 3 connector beads and repeated this step for the link casting..and repeated this pattern until it was to the desired length.In our example we used 2 bags of connector beads, one in pink and one in clear ab, however, one bag could have finished the entire project as there are 25 to a bag, just we wanted clear AB and pink and to use one bag, one or the other color could have to be used.Once we had both sides completed by repeating the steps above, we then had to attach the clasp.To attach the clasp we did this loosely so it would show up well in our images. We first looped a piece of wire about 4 inches long through both holes on one end, we then took the wire and put it through the loop on the connector and folded it over. The next step would be to wind the wire onto itself and snip the ends to give it a finished look. Be sure to snip the ends on the front side and not so the ends would lay on the person wearing the necklace, this would poke and be uncomfortable. We repeated this step on the other side of the clasp as well.And, your finished!
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