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4 platinum silver rhinestones 2 hole slider beads 8980
4 platinum silver rhinestones 2 hole slider beads 8980
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Detailed Description offers a collection of unique 2-hole slider beads adorned with crystals and rhinestones, decorative magnetic clasps and gold and silver-metal castings. Our selections include a variety of jewelry pieces for any style, whether you love floral motifs, Victorian designs or art deco flair. Create a sparkling rhinestone necklace or mixed-metal bracelet to complement any fashionista’s outfit!

Rhinestone Slider Beads
Our four-platinum silver rhinestone two-hole slider beads 8990 is cast in platinum silver for eye-catching light reflectivity and tarnish resistance. These designer beads are oval and surrounded by an ornate metal frame. Beading has a beautiful fleur-des-lis design in the center. Each fleur-de-lis is accented by four sparkling CZ rhinestones with AB coating.

Details for Rhinestone slider beads include:

  • Number of holes per side: 2
  • Hole location and style: 2 holes on each side approx. 13.08 mm apart
  • Approx. measurement across: 19.57 mm
  • Approx. measurement for height: 24.38 mm
  • All beads are one sided as shown in image
  • 1 inch = approx. 25.44 mm
  • 4 beads per package

Custom Jeweled Creations
Our boutique is your online destination for affordable slider beading jewelry pieces. Mix and match rhinestone slider beads with vintage-inspired, emerald-colored floral beads for a stylish look. Choose horseshoe-, heart-, star- or butterfly-shaped beads in a variety of colors, silver, bronze or copper. We have several styles of unique and easy-to-use magnetic fold-over clasps in matching metals to finish off your creations. With so many options, there are no limits for creativity! 

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