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1 ornate 2 hole slider beads 8659
1 ornate 2 hole slider beads 8659
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*Cast in antique silver, although very little silver is shown on the top of the bead as this bead is loaded with color! There are enamel drips around the outer edges or frame, if you will, with smooth lucite stones in the center. The bead shown is the exact bead that will ship, so surprises on colors! There are also 3 clear rhinestones throughout the design. All that can be said about this bead is WOW!

No. of holes per side: 2
Hole location and style: loops on the back of the bead
Approx. measurement between holes: 19 mm
Approx. measurement across: 36 mm
This package is lead compliant and nickel compliant
Approx. height: 36 mm
All beads are one sided as shown in image.
This package is lead compliant.
1 pc/pkg
1 inch = approx. 25.40 mm

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